Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Fun -

I used to walk down to the beach at Tennessee Valley every day, well, run actually, before the "kids" went to school.  Years pass, and now, it's a special treat when I give myself the time.  Today I did. The wildflowers are out, and the hills still green.  I saw a family of Quail, the babies tiny as they scooted along.

I paused to talk to a young couple, who warned me I should be aware of animals.  I said I'm used to walking here, and have seen bobcats and mountain lions and never had a problem.  "No", they said, "you don't understand. There are two of them.  We'll show you," and they did, on their phone.  They show me several photos of two dinosaurs at Tennessee Valley.  Yes, dinosaurs! Amazing how the brain knows immediately the shape of a dinosaur even looking at a tiny phone in the sun.  It seems someone had set up two dinosaurs on the trail, six inches tall, but they were placed in such a way against the plants and landscape that it looked like Jurassic Park.  It was a good reminder on perception, and really fun.  I told them I had seen giant "Apes" when they were filming Planet of the Apes 2014 near where we were.  It was intriguing to see people-sized Apes driving and traveling in Jeeps.  It's an amazing world we share.  

I was the only one on the beach today, and not one dinosaur nibbled my toes, and not one Ape escaped from a film.  Just me, waves, kelp, rocks, and birds.
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