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Shoulder blades -

Saturday night I was one of 53 people on a day after the full moon hike on Mt. Tamalpais.  It was lovely to be out at night, meeting at Pantoll, and rising briskly out of the fog which then dissipated, so we could see and celebrate the majesty of a rising orange moon.  The guide was thrilled to tell us about a mountain lion and show us where he is sure he/she hangs out.  Mountain lions have a territory of around seventy miles, so that means he or she could be roaming from the Golden Gate bridge up to Pt. Reyes, quite a distance, but all very beautiful and rich with goodies and nourishment.  I have seen a mountain lion twice while out and about, once when cycling upward in the Marin Headlands.  It was early morning and I think I startled it as it leaped gracefully across my path and ran down the hill toward the sea.  Another time, I was out walking in the headlands at sunset, and I looked up to see a fellow creature enjoying the sunset.  It was clear we both felt awe.

What the guide Saturday night was most entranced with was the shoulder blades of the mountain lion.  He kept repeating how one shoulder blade rises, and then, the other.  I can't stop thinking about my shoulder blades since then, and I find myself walking raising one and bringing it forward and then the other.  It really is fun to prance along imagining yourself as a mountain lion with a territory of seventy miles.  Try it.  Your hips will rejoice.

Today I was sitting on a bench in Sausalito watching children at sailing camp and remembering when each of my sons participated.  A seal would pop up periodically watching and seemingly trying to add an extra buoy to the children's task of tacking their tiny sabots with very little wind.  A woman near me was complaining, complaining loudly into her cell phone about how her life was not what it should be.  I don't know what her life is, but I do know she was in a beautiful spot on a sunny day with children and a seal and maybe for a moment, silence could have been her wings and cape.

I think of "right speech".

1. Is what I am about to say "true"?  Of course we might ask, "What is true?"  We could have quite a discussion on that, but in this moment, I'm trying to cut down the use of words and settle into a vibratory pause and welcoming peace.
2. Is it necessary?
3. Is it kind?
4. Is this the right time to say it?

On Tuesday I went with a friend to honor her father's brother who committed suicide in 1939. He was 16.  We left flowers and his photo at 500 Summit.  I felt as though there was no life and death, as though time had not passed, and no young man had been so sad and depressed.  It was so beautiful there, so much green and a view of the bay and a bridge.   My intention, since then, has been to "be peace" as much as I can.  If someone around me is complaining, perhaps I can simply hear it like rocks allowing the stream to sing.

May we each find and nourish peace, in ourselves, in the world, as much as we can.

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