Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Antler Joy!

We've had a mother deer and two young ones in our yard since the spring but it seems they are growing up.  My husband hears the wind chimes, though there is no wind.  He looks out and a young buck is using his antlers to play with the wind chimes.

How fun is that?

This morning I watched the International Space Station fly over.  Perhaps my joy at seeing the moon as a waning crescent supported by Mars and Venus and then the slowly moving spark of the ISS is my way of making music with what chimes overhead.  I may not have antlers that are visible, but something reaches up to play with charms pulsing in the sky.

Sunday I was invited to remember back to when I felt most present, and what came up was childhood and looking up at the sky and feeling flakes of snow on my face, and watching autumn leaves fall.  I loved autumn and winter in the midwest, snow and the smell of autumn leaves, the gathering them into piles, and jumping into the piles, and gathering them again, and in those days, the burning of the leaves.  It seemed the neighbors united in leaves and snow, winter and fall. I realized we don't have that clarity of seasons here, that gathering of the herd.

Today is hot and clear.  We have heat warnings.  The warnings on El Nino continue and yet it is hard to imagine rain as the leaves stand in stark exposure to sun.

I always love this day, the day after Labor Day. It feels like a day to begin as the earth turns and we revolve, and perhaps, even evolve.  The ISS is overhead, and sometimes, like the buck, we need to revel in our expanse.

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