Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

"Shadow Boxing"

Richard Rohr writes today of "shadow boxing", of boxing with our shadow.  Perhaps it is a common term but I was not familiar with it.  I love it!  I sit here now looking out as the sky turns to light, transitions, and I think of my shadow, and the play of light and dark.  To box with my shadow,  I'll need to pause, beckon, notice, and then, slowly begin to play with feints and punches as we, my shadow and I, bounce lightly around a ring, the ring of ourselves.

I am with that today, as I smile, excited to begin Thanksgiving preparations with first making a crust and then the filling for pumpkin pie.  I think Thanksgiving Eve may be one of my favorite days, and now, aware, I can bounce, punch and play with my shadow as I turn, stir, kick and cook.  Is there kicking in boxing?  Perhaps Kick Boxing.  I feel like kicking up my soles/soul and heels.  I honor the dance I am.

I am in a sensing group and we've been working with transitions.  How do we transition?  Do we notice?  Do we simply rush from here to there with no pause to  notice beginnings and endings?

T.S. Eliot wrote: "The end is where we start from."

We live in transitional times.  Here are some questions for you to consider as you prepare to gather and give thanks.  They come to me from Michael and Enric.

Do I allow things to arrive to an end?

To what extent do I need to be quiet to feel the reverberance of everything I leave?

Am I interesting in sensing what is left in my tissues before "jumping" to a new meeting?

Do I take time to feel my readiness, my availability for whatever is coming next?

How is my breathing after saying "goodbye" and before saying "hello"?

As I walk and move, I try to notice and feel the horizon moving through me.  Am I moving through air with the ease of a dolphin moving through water?

Does my heart lead the way?

Emily Dickinson wrote: Beauty is not caused.  It is.

May you revel in beauty today, tomorrow, all breaths savored in and out, with the grace-filled dance of light and dark.  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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