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Perception -

I am fascinated with dragonly eyes.  They are compound, multi-faceted, and huge for their size.  If we had dragonfly eyes, our eyes would be the size of a football helmet and would wrap around our head.  Our eyes would have 30,000 individual facets, each one creating its own image and our amazing brain would compile those images into one picture.  Such agility allows the dragonfly to know where prey is going to be.  Wow!

Also, dragonflies see more colors than we do.  We have three opsins, proteins that sense light.  We have a color range of red, green, and blue. Dragonflies have more opsins and perceive our color spectrum as well as UV light.  We have to wear polarized sunglasses to reduce glare.  Not dragonflies. It's built right in.

You might think I have dragonfly eye envy but I don't.  I am enhanced by their abilities though as I play with my eyes and honor how they perceive.  I consider the majesty and fluidity of my eyes, pleased with how they fit so gently in my head.  How far in do I feel their reach, the stroke of sight?

I ask myself:
How restful is the fluid in my eyes right now, the exchange of water and light?  How sweet is the nest that allows me to see?   How often do I give thanks for the sense of sight?

What do I see right now?  My eyes open out to mist, the ridge, red berries on Toyon and a redwood tree.  And though I don't see them, my ears are full as men walk on my roof working to finish the job before a big Thursday storm.  Do my eyes feel their steps?  Now water is pouring off the roof.  Both eyes and ears examine this unexpected treat.

For more on dragonflies, check this out: http://listverse.com/2013/04/18/10-surprisingly-brutal-facts-about-dragonflies/

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