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Connection -

I wake in the dark.  I have been reading a book by Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Biology of Transcendence. The book helps me understand how we seem to be living in a world so divided as to interpretation, intention,  and purpose.  He leads me to a book The Mirror of Simple Souls by Margeurite Porete.  I look forward to reading it too.  She was a French mystic burned at the stake for heresy in 1310.  She would not recant her views, and somehow the book has survived.  She believed that unified with God, each of us unified with God, there is no evil or sin.  Heresy, obviously, since she espoused a direct connection with God and virtue, just as Jesus did, and therefore, she was burned at the stake.

My book group meets in the city today for an overnight.  We used to travel to England together but now the years have us content to unite for an overnight.  The bonding is so strong it is enough.

I think of connection this time of year.  It is as though the months are beads that complete their circle in December.  We touch those who matter to us, either in person, here, or with cards, or maybe just with the knowing that another year is passing, and each of us is given only so many.

I really hoped I would cohere a book this year, and I haven't, so I move the intention to 2016.  It feels okay.  I honor the growth that has occurred, the dissolution, acceptance, new growth.  We do this over and over again. This morning I found myself with the circle I am.  I am encircled, embraced.  There is no up and down, only all around.

The sun hits the top branches of the redwood tree.  Awake!  The time is here.  A bird flaps, then, soars in the sky.  The sky looks still, though I feel the response.  Connection inspires.  Breath is a kite connecting you and me, in and out, earth and sky.  May you pause to give and receive.

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