Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


My book group stayed at a hotel in Union Square in San Francisco with a view of the Christmas tree and the skating rink.  Watching the skaters go round and round was mesmerizing.  They seem to all go the same pace.  How can it be that there is such synchronicity and oneness in circling on skates?  They were still going round and round at eleven last night.

We enjoyed rain, wind, and sun, everything one needs for rosy cheeks, invigoration, enchantment, and rejuvenation.

We've been friends for many years now, and, as I type this, I wonder if the word "friend" is adequate as we have been through so many ups, downs, sharings, support, and care.  What word might one use for what we share? The word for the weekend is Wonder, wonder at what is possible in coming together, finding a synchronous circling, and living and loving the wonder of this world so precious and in need of our love, attention, and deep inner and outer care.
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