Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sliding gently into the new year -

I keep seeing river otters in my mind, river otters sliding in mud into streams and through, and on, crisp white snow.  I'm interpreting this to mean this time of year means ease, laughter, connection, sharing and fun, that it is a time to lie down on front, back, or side, and slide.

I also have the image of the wreath in mind, the coming together into a circle.  The year circles to an end that begins again.  We are at the place where the ribbon is tied, the holly and mistletoe.  Pine cones symbolize birth and evergreens symbolize the presence of spirit, always here.

When I read the "news", I can no longer tell fiction from fact, and so much of it is irrelevant to my life or any life well-lived.

How do we balance and bring the tips, the ends of our wreath together?  With presence and care.  We build our wreath stem by stem, and insert berries, cones, and whatever else asks to be shared.

May this day bring ease, be ease, and gentle, tender peace.  May your wreath hold open a place to peek through, a place to breathe.

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