Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Jingle Bells!

I find myself humming Jingle Bells this morning, and then, belting out the words, arms spread in the joy of the rosiness of the robin breast.

December vibrates in me.  I feel alive.  The sunrise this morning was beautiful.  I walked up to meet the garbage truck.  I love that it is decorated with a lit Christmas wreath. There is something about the season and  maybe it is knowing the days are closing in on their move to dark, and soon will turn again.  It is a time of birth.

Ah, two jets in the sky, contrails, one plane going east and one going west.  The trail is clear and then dissipates slowly into a line of puffy, white clouds.  If I hadn't seen the jets, I would wonder about these lines in the sky.  What hovers above, and below?  What nests?

How can we not savor the majesty of this world we share?  My chest is ablaze.

May we rise and rest in increasing light.  May 2016 bring understanding, vibratory connection, and peace.

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