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Football -

I've been away at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center.  Amazingly beautiful and peaceful.

You may or may not be aware that the Bay area has been inundated and overwhelmed by the Super Bowl.

I think Mark Morford is articulate and accurate on how it feels to be invaded by a horde who have no awareness that people actually live and work here, and are most likely not in the crowd at Levi Stadium.  


The piece that is really important in Morford's rant is the part on Joe Montana, a well-loved SF 49'ers quarterback.  Click there.  Montana speaks of what life is like for him now.  I stopped watching football when I saw a documentary on what life is like for these men and their families when the men retire from playing football.  It is a life of pain.

Clearly, huge amounts of money are made off this "sport", made for a few.  Do the rest of us need to support it by watching?  What if everyone turned away?  On Sunday, I was driving home along highway 1, cruising south along the coast, passing beach after beach.  There were crowds of people enjoying the outdoors.  Yes, it was a perfect weather day, but it's fun to be outside in sun, rain and snow.

We seem to be seeing a revolution of sorts politically.  What if we also turned away from the "bread and circuses" created to make money for a select few?  What if we said instead we are involved, paying attention, and will not allow a sleight of hand to distract?  Just a thought.

A spectacle is created, created.  Do we need to watch?

Each of us is creative.  What stirs our blood and bones now?  What nourishes a current of peace?

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