Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I am looking out on a clear, blue sky. Mandu is spiffy and vocally well, and resting his head on the keyboard.

My book group met last night, and Marlene hosted in my place. I got there early, and warmed in watching her prepare our meal, a meal of communion, great taste, and grace. It is so lovely to gather and feed. We feasted on pasta with chicken and artichokes, salad, and warm bread.

Perhaps, the tone was set by an email from the husband of one of our members who died two and a half years ago. She died so quickly, and the loss stunned her husband and two daughters, but they are doing reasonably well now. He feels Sally is here with him, and he has met someone with two children of her own. He is amazed that his heart is so huge it can hold both grief and love. Again, we were fed by knowing he is doing well. He was so devastated and we wanted to help, but, of course, what could we really do. We were not Sally. I am so happy to know he has found love and peace in his grief.

We are all concerned about this country. Two answers to the Two Cents queation, "How has the war changed you?" were discussed.

Chuck Fleischer, Corte Madera
I am no longer a registered Republican. I spent my 30-year military career trying to make friends and engender close ties with other people. Most of my efforts have been dashed by the Bush camp. I am looking forward to a regime change in '08, and we should begin this November.

Tina Martin, San Francisco
It's changed my perception of Germans as an anomaly. I'm sure they chose to believe that the reports of torture and murder were exaggerated or "isolated incidents" because they knew their country was a good country, and it would have been unpatriotic not to support their troops.

My friend Annemarie had to leave Nazi Germany. She has been appalled watching Bush and his cronies, their antics and tactics, and, of course, we know there is someone pulling the strings behind the throne, but this is how it begins. When will we notice we are being judged? Will we be judged as harshly as the German people? Will we stop the spin?

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