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Easter Sunday was pure joy.  We spent the night in Los Gatos to get an early start over Highway 17 to Santa Cruz.  We ate breakfast at the hotel, got goodies from the amazing Manresa bakery and headed over the hill to West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz where we sat by the ocean and listened to church bells and singing.  The six of us, Steve, Jeff, Chris, Jan, and Frieda went to the Riverside Cafe for lattes where there was live music.  Wow!  Peter Cottontail hopped down the bunny trail for us.  We then went to a friend's house.  They live on a river outside Santa Cruz.  With the recent flooding, some of the steps to their house had been underwater.  They have many sets of steps, steps in front, steps in back.  This is a house built in 1938 by someone who loved to entertain.  It is pure heaven.  The river was sparkling diamonds.  Anyway, on a tour of the house, I came down one staircase, stepped on a step, and it flipped up slamming both feet.  Pain like I've never felt.  I was carried to the grass and enjoyed lying on my back looking up at the sky as my daughters-in-law held ice to my uplifted feet and sons held an umbrella parasol over my head.  Since I couldn't walk, I was pushed like the queen of Sheba to our waiting car.  One daughter-in-law drove me home along the ocean and we enjoyed a good talk.

My other daughter-in-law is a doctor.  We figured rest would do the trick.  I still couldn't walk, so on Tuesday my primary care doctor said I should get to Urgent Care.  They took x-rays and said two bones were broken in each foot, four broken bones total, and I would be in a wheelchair for four to six weeks.  They put pneumatic boots on my feet though they didn't show me how to pump them up so they kind of rolled around my feet creating even more pain.

Next day podiatrist/surgeon.  He spent two hours with us, would look at the x-ray, look at my feet.  He said we could do a Cat scan to get a three-dimensional image, but if I was okay with it, he would do a "third world x-ray".  He tapped all over my feet with a tuning fork.  I could feel vibration.  Good news.  We are waiting now to see if I heal on my own.  He thinks no broken bones or if there are, they might close on their own.  He says surgery works for some people and not others.  Allowing healing works for some and not others.  I'm in the camp of allowing healing, so I am here at the computer wearing a pneumatic boot on one foot and a shoe on the other.  He said it is impossible to balance with two pneumatic boots.  I agree with that.  I've been sliding up and down on my bottom to get in and out of the house.  I have a wheelchair and as of yesterday, a walker, a step up literally and figuratively.  The sun is shining with some clouds for decoration and white fluffy relief of monotony,  and all is well.

What I see in all this is once again, as when I went through cancer treatment, interdependence, and love and support.  I am loved and embraced.  What could be better than that?  Also I took a shower this morning.  Hooray for showers.  Also, I can go to the bathroom on my own now.  Hooray for that too.  Appreciate your steps, Dear Ones.  They are wings!

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