Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Acceptance -

I had planned to attend the sensory awareness conference this weekend but lack of mobility and the need to continually rest my foot in its boot means that won't be happening.  I sit with that and look out on the ridge, blue sky, interspersed with fog, fog that is quiet in this moment, soft.  I read that Humpback whales are frolicing under the Golden Gate bridge.  Might I go see them today?

I drove to the doctor yesterday, again astonished at the rush people are in.  There is anger and self-absorption.  Is the destination really that important?  What are they missing along the way?   I find myself wanting to re-orient in time and space, and instead of saying "I'm busy", perhaps say, "I am full, full with living, appreciation, noticing, receiving, and giving in the ways I can right now.  I am full."

I have time to contemplate.  I hobble slowly in my boot, and people rush by me.  I want to touch them, ask them to pause and feel the touch of air.  I was overwhelmed yesterday with simply sitting looking at the sky and feeling the breeze.  And for me each step is a masterpiece, a gift.  I appreciate how those steps add up and slowly I am allowed to move from place to place.  I am not a tree.

I found myself yesterday remembering how I opened the year 2016 by choosing the Letter "I", and choosing five words to anchor this year.  The words I chose were Inspiration, Integration, Integrity, Insight, and Interaction.  I find myself this morning thinking I would like to choose a word for each letter and maybe do that every day.  Here are my words for this day.  If you choose, you might want to join in and play with what words speak to you today.  Allow them to come softly, tenderly, like clouds right here today.

A - ancestry

B - belief

C - creativity

D - determination

E - ease

F - forgiveness

G - gratitude

H - honesty

I - Integrity

J - juice

K - kale - yes we need kale in our lives

L - love

M - majesty and magnets

N - nothingness to empty and fill

O - openness

P - power

Q - quiet

R - rest -

S - solitude

T - tenderness

U - universality

V - variety

W - wisdom

X - xylophones

Y - yearning and yippiness

Z - zest


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