Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Heart Healing!

It's been a tumultuous month. My brother had a heart fibrillation which led to the discovery it was caused by a golfball sized lump on his lung. He was on blood thinners because they originally thought the problem was with the heart, and therefore he had to wait for that to clear before he could have a biopsy. Tuesday we got the news it was cancer, that he has lung cancer. It was probably related to radiation treatment he went through for Hodgkin's Disease 30 years ago. Now, one could give thanks for those thirty years but that is not where one goes. Yesterday he had a brain and body scan, and it appears the cancer has not spread, which means surgery should solve the problem.

Now, if I'd heard he was having surgery originally, it would have felt like a big deal, but in light of all this, it is a huge relief. He won't need chemo or radiation, unless somewhere in here a teeny-tiny escaping cancer cell is discovered, which seems unlikely.

What I've learned is that my heart literally felt like it was breaking, and maybe it was, because since I got the "good" news that the cancer has not spread, I am resting, simply resting, simply that. I have no intention other than to do nothing which feels like something as I feel my heart and organism come back together and heal.

I know there is a great deal going on in the world right now, but I am content to simply feel my heart coming back to wholeness again, to clearer peace in its beat

Part of me wonders if the whole world could come to rest, just for a moment, or two, and allow all that is broken to heal. Could there be a shift in that pause, no blame, accusations, or guilt, just compassion and empathy for what has led to fear and what has fueled hate?

Today I am content to give this day to my heart. I expose my heart to the sun and breeze and plants and cats and say "heal", and my prayer is that my heart's healing will span the world, and what's broken can come together again. Peace!
Tags: compassion!

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