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Last night, in my book group, we discussed how teachers are viewed in this society. Two of the six of us are working, professional teachers. (I think we all teach in many ways.) One is feeling, perhaps, a bit down about the status of teachers.

I am reminded of this quote. "A wise Roman once remarked that it is unreasonable to expect perfection from a schoolmaster when he is paid for one year what a successful charioteer would earn in an afternoon."

The thing is the teachers I know DO expect perfection of themselves, and DO achieve perfection in what they do. They are in the game, even though yes, they probably make much less in a year than the average football player makes in an afternoon.

Anyway, I wake, wondering how I can let the teachers I know and love, understand how much I appreciate the work they do.

I walk slowly and mindfully down to Starbucks. The state of my feet really allows me to take to heart the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, "Peace is every step." Without that, I might not make it. My feet are still amazingly tender and sore, but we got there at a most mindful pace.

These are the words that greet me on my latte cup.

"The human catalysts for "dreamers" are the teachers and encouragers that "dreamers" encounter throughout their lives. They are invaluable in the quest to turn ideas into reality. So here's a special thanks to all of the teachers - especially my teacher, Miz Lane!!"

--- Kevin Carroll -
"Katalyst" and author of "Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life's Work."

When I walked slowly home, I saw young children outside playing, enjoying this wonderfully fragrant day. I thought of all these children and the teachers they will have throughout the years. I hope they get teachers like the wonderful ones I am privileged to know.

So, tell a teacher today how much you admire and appreciate their work. Let's make every day Teacher Appreciation Day, and let's each honor the teaching role, and make sure what we pass on is stimulating, peaceful, and bold.

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