Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Checking in -

It has been a beautiful day for me with a wonderful meal and a fire going all day. We are burning the wood from our apple tree, which had blossomed out to a hollow core, and burns like an amazing torch. I see it as symbolic of myself, as I burn like a torch within to light new wisdom to snare some new way of being.

I read about autumn as the season of surrender, and winter as the season of patience. I seem to be finely tuned to the seasons this year. Spring is the season of birthing, and summer the season of Fruitfulness. That seems to be my current path. Chemo ends with winter, and radiation with spring.

For a complete change of pace, you might check this out. It is very cute. I am assuming no one ate beef today, and this ought to take care of eating beef anyday. Check out: "Cows with Guns." It's fun!


Great thanks to all of you,

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