Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Goode Morning!

My son Chris sends me the news that Geoffrey CHAUCER HAS A BLOG. Who would have thought?

Here is the information.


An especially good snippet:

My dog is a retriever, but he won't chase a ball. Every time I throw a toy across the room, he climbs in my lap and licks my face. I know he needs exercise--what do I do?

Pinned To The Floor

Ma Cher Pinnede to The Floore,

By my feithe, firste y oght to praise yow for yowre carefulle husbandrie and governance of yowre hounde. Ther arn sundrie folke who fede ther houndes with rosted flessh, or milk and wastel-breed and reken litel of the helthe of the dogges in question. Yowre care maken myne eyes to watre with teres, so like it is unto my love for litel Lowys my sone.

I hope you are well welcomed to spring. I hear the sound of rain again today. I am really enjoying living in Ireland, and prancing through the green. We planted flowers yesterday to welcome spring, and stood beneath the Redwoods. Is there anything to equal feeling the support of Redwood roots, and seeing the long draw of water, trunk, and green above?

Robinson Jeffers built a tower of rocks for his wife. He said this. "For Una: I built her a tower when I was young. I built it with my hands. I hung Stones in the sky."

I think of that when I look up at the Redwoods. I am amazed at that expanse reaching up toward the sky.

Today I again see the radiation oncologist. For some odd reason, I feel trepidation. I suppose it is an entering into the unknown again. Miserable as chemo was, I knew what it was, knew what to expect. This brings up some anxiety this morning, as I learn more of the next steps. I realize now that because my last visit to her was filled with so many surprises, my radar is up, and, yet, I feel eternally grateful for life. Can we be eternally grateful? Why, of course? Why ever not? To eternal gratitude! May it wrap us in rites of Spring, like May Poles, ribboning our stay!

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