Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

I am feeling peaceful and purposeful tonight as I feel myself moving into the next stage of this journey. I am quite content with the three women who are guiding me through this,  Dr. Allison Smith,  Dr. Jenn Lucas, and Dr.  Francine Halberg.

I am reading Angeles Arrien tonight. She writes of the Billy Mills and Nicholas Sparks' book Wokini, that speaks of the Lakota tradition of initiation where Iktumi, the trickster or liar figure, tempts us with eight lies "that keep us from accessing our true nature and attaining what is meaningful and spiritually satisfying."

The eight lies are:

    If only I were rich, then I would be happy.

    If only I were famous, then I would be happy.

    If only I could find the right person to marry, then I would be happy.

    If only I had more friends, then I would be happy.
    If only I were more attractive, then I would be happy.

    If only I weren't physically handicapped in any way, then I would be happy.

    If only someone close to me hadn't died, then I would be happy.

    If only the world were a better place, then I would be happy.

Well, I think we have all dealt with one or two of these in our lives.   : - )
Angeles Arrien goes on to say that we need to "reject the eight lies and reconnect our search for happiness with values that support our character and moral fiber."
She is speaking of the second half of life, but it seems to me that all of us can look at the mantras these can become, and perhaps shift them a bit to one side, and contact our own "compassion, insight, and clarity."   We are here, connected and alone.  We each need to connect to what is within, to our own strength, and in that, we can lead the way for ourselves and others.   It seems to me it is time to begin. 

Eduardo Galeano, in his book, Walking Words, gives different views of the body.

    The Church says: The body is a sin.
    Science says: The body is a machine.
    Advertising says: The body is a business.
    The body says: I am a fiesta.

          Live as a fiesta.  What could be better than that?  I see the swirling colors now.

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