Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A morning of full beauty -

I wake at four this morning, enchanted with the coming light, and, also, enchanted with two new books and an assortment of magazines. Calvin Trillin has a beautiful tribute to his wife Alice in the New Yorker this week. Radiation gave her 25 extra years of life, and yet, Calvin seems bitter that it also took her life. When she died, the doctor said "her heart had been destroyed by radiation." And yet, she had twenty five extra years of life. Calvin is grieving, and I understand, and I see how I am choosing to ignore the long-term side affects in all of this. If I gain twenty five more quality years, how can I be anything less than thrilled? I believe if I only gain five years, I will be thrilled.  One year.   Two.

In the last two days, I spoke with my chemo oncologist and radiation oncologist about all that I have gained. This is a gift. It is prayer.  We are united, patient and healers, in sacred work.  The form has changed from the shaman with his drum, but the intention is the same. 

Bruce Stutz wrote the book, Chasing Spring,  as a way to recover from his heart surgery.  He wants to understand what inspires the plants in spring.  He learns from David Mauzerall that "plants, with their efficient means of production, manufacture up to 10 times more food than they themselves need to survive, even more food than they need to reproduce themselves."   Why?  We don't know.   But isn't that what we do when we give?   People today will analyze the pictures taken yesterday of my lymph nodes and breast, and use computers to figure out the absolute best way to set up those rays to radiate what needs to be radiated, and avoid the rest.  They are doing more than survive and reproduce.  Each of us is doing much more than survive and reproduce.  Perhaps that is the key of life, this overflowing abundance and willingness and desire to give and connect.   Receive today!   The world is rich.   

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