Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

little reminders -

I take my shower and see my red Sparkie marks. I might have preferred black, as red looks like blood, so I have a bloody splash on my right, and interesting symbols on the left. I have a third eye on my sternum. I will get my tattoos next Thursday. They ask that I not laser them off when I am done, as they might need them again. Well, they won't need them again, but I am not lasering anything off. I will be proud of my tattoos.

They also say some women have their right breast "raised" to match the left, since somehow radiation makes the one radiated "Perkier." Go figure!! I said I am fine with two mis-matched breasts. I just want to have a life, and if one reaches toward the ground, and the other up toward the sky, well, it will just add to to the reminders of balance I continue to aim toward cultivating. I actually think it is funny. I have signposts on my chest, and, now I will have breasts pointing in two different directions. How could one not find humor in that?

Smile today. Smile in all your cells. Raise your cheeks to the sky. Now, I really smile. The meditation I suggested to you last posting is about bringing your lower cheeks to the earth, so do that, and raise the upper ones to the sky, and we can all be pointing and reaching up and down and all around. No wonder I have red arrows, circles, and squiggly lines. All directions are mine to align.

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