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Connection -

More from Bruce Stutz and "Chasing Spring" -

"A plant or animal can be in only one place at a time. As self-evident as that seems, we too often assume that the world of a living thing is only where we find it. The truth is that, just as humans live one place, work in another, and travel through a variety of places going from home to work, most animals and plants do the same. The area over which a living thing lives, feeds, and breeds is called its range. Plants that produce pollen need their pollen to spread over a range in order to produce new plants. A 400-pound grizzly bear ranges over some 7,000 acres for its food. A migrating salmon ranges from the ocean to the headwaters of freshwater streams. Monarch butterflies range from Mexico to Maine. Those aggressively protective Arctic terns spend three months in the Arctic nesting and brooding, then take off and three months later land 12,000 miles away in the Antarctic, where they winter - again in 24 hours of daily sunlight; in all they range over 24,000 miles of land, air and water. Each spring young eels that hatch in the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean find their way a few thousand miles to rivers along the Atlantic coasts of the United States and Europe, where they move upstream to mature. Everywhere, the natural world is made up of overlapping ranges - plant and animal and human. And in spring they're all seeing action, every court's in play."

Stutz quotes Einstein. "us physicists believe the separation between past, present and future is only an illusion ..." "The concept of space as something existing objectively and independent of things belongs to pre-scientific thought, but not so the idea of existence of an infinite number of spaces in motion relative to each other."

And then, there is  the 17th-century poet Matsuo Basho -

    A hill without a name
    Veiled in morning mist.

Enjoy and savor these luscious days and nights of activity-filled spring if you are in the northern hemisphere, and welcome fall if you are settled in the south.


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