Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Memory -

I am remembering now how I started kindergarten. I was four, the youngest in the class, and, perhaps, considered it a bit intimidating. My mother and her friends had cut my hair and given me a permanent. It is the only time I have had curly hair. The teacher let me sit at her feet. I believe I was perceived as a teacher's pet. I was just happy to feel safe. I wonder now about the hair. I had a new dress too.

I remember when Jeff was two, and we went to a class together. The teacher told us to observe our child and how our child began his or her interaction on the playground. She said that is how your child will meet new situations, the first day of school, college, work. I think of that now, of this apprehension with something new. Perhaps that is my way, and then, I get there, and all is fine. I find a way to make it so.

I also remember my dream of the other night, of a little girl who jumped right into new things. Perhaps, I am on the cusp of something new, holding onto an old way of being, a comfort, like a blanket, and maybe, I'm also learning to let that go, to be in a situation without the cover and comfort of my own clothes, to meet something new.

The nurse on Wednesday said how beautiful I looked. I was in my robe like everyone else. Perhaps, there is something huge there for me to know. I thought my beauty was in my hair, and, then, in my choice of clothes. Perhaps, for each of us, it resides where nothing can touch. Our treasured beauty is always, all ways here, here with us. Keats is right. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" Touch now how very beautiful you are!

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