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Chris sent this today. Both parts are well worth checking out. The first one is especially sobering. The second one goes along with what I said about the importance of the internet today. We can more easily catch politicians in their lies.

I am embarrassed to say that I pray daily for the American and Iraqi dead, but I forget that people from other countries are dying too. I remember now.

Chris's words and links:

This animated map of coalition military fatalities during the Iraq war unfolds at ten frames per second. Each frame represents one day of the war. One dot marks each casualty site. A death begins as a white flash, then grows to a larger red dot, which turns black after 30 frames (days), fading at last to permanent grey.

Turn up your sound. Also, they wanted to show total fatalities, but the information was not readily available.


Also, I don't know if anyone saw this in the news, but it's pretty funny. A guy running for congress in support of the war put up a photo of Turkey on his website to show the peaceful streets of Baghdad. Bloggers nailed him. Nice:


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