Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

It is raining! What a surprise! : )

Well, April showers bring May flowers, and it should be quite a spectacular wildflower year.

I really don't know quite what to think about all this rain, but I am resigned now to living along the coast of Oregon without even having to move. That is quite something when I think about it. I always wanted to know how I would do with daily rain. Now, daily rain has come to me. Life is ease.

I woke feeling each part of my body stretching. That is what it feels like, my parts are waking and savoring an early morning stretch. Mandu needed some petting, of course, and then, I looked out to see if I truly was hearing rain. Yes, I am, and I came to my keyboard and it is covered with ants, so that is an odd way to begin the day. Ants are not like spiders where you can carry them outside, or to a new location, or be satisfied with the location they have chosen, so I have now been forced into a little morning killing. I had not planned to begin my day in such a way, but sometimes the world brings us what we have not planned, so I am now saying little ant prayers to send them on their way.

My cousin Greg sent this to me this morning. What a perfect beginning to Poetry Month. I checked it out, and is wonderful. Settle yourself, like a cat in a chair, right there, and enjoy the poems of this web-site.

Greg: "I came across this in an email I get weekly from the Scout Project and thought of you immediately."

Poetry Magazines

Several years ago, Arts Council England funded a project to create an online digital archive of English 20th and 21st century poetry magazines, and this website represents their efforts. Visitors can search the entire contents of the archive from the homepage, or they may also wish to browse a list of the publications also available here. Several dozen magazines are featured on the homepage, and they include such creatively titled publications as Brando’s hat, Smiths Knoll, and Dream Catcher. Of course, visitors will also find volumes from such venerable publications as The London Magazine and Poetry Wales. Those who are intrigued by what they find here may want to check out the subscription particulars for each journal, all of which are offered here as well.

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