Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The United Nations!

Franklin Roosevelt devoted much of his energy to forming the United Nations, feeling we needed an international body to ensure peace. Bush, the spoiled little brat that he is, has done everything he could to discredit the United Nations. When I read how this country is now viewed around the world, again, I weep. I know a man who supported Bush until these last few years. After all, he was our president. We should respect him. Now, he feels these are the kinds of times that invite revolution, where leaders as corrupt as these are shot. I would prefer jail for them. I don't believe in capital punishment. I am trying not to judge, and we have to remove those who seek to destroy the constitution and all that this country has stood for, for so many years.

I read Cindy Sheehan's words yesterday on what it is for her to have lost her beloved son, Casey. She works now to save the sons of others.

When I read The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, it was clear she was talking about Bush, someone who blew up frogs as a child. I take the following words from Publishers Weekly. Stout defines a sociopath as "one who displays at least three of seven distinguishing characteristics, such as deceitfulness, impulsivity and a lack of remorse. Such people often have a superficial charm, which they exercise ruthlessly in order to get what they want." Sound familiar. Sad, isn't it, and it is a beautiful day. Find a poem that speaks to your heart, or write one of your own!! Give thanks to all the poets who refused Laura Bush's invitations to the White House to dine and play nice. Give thanks to those who see and think and ensure a world of change that evolves for the "better good," the better good for us all, as we acknowledge how connected we are, how one.

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