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The book "A General Theory of Love"  by Lewis, Amini, and Lannon concludes with requesting an honoring of the limbic brain.  “Emotions reach back 100 million years, while cognition is a few hundred thousand years old at best.”

“Limbic resonanace, regulation and revision define our emotional existence; they are the walls and towers of the neural edifice evolution has built for mammals to live in.  Our intellect is largely blind to them.  Within the heart’s true edifice, those who allow themselves to be guided by Reason blunder into walls and stumble over sills.  They are savants who can see too little of love to escape painful collisions with its unforgiving architecture.”

We are learning that intellect does not run the show.  Blaine Pascal wrote, “Reason’s last step is recognizing that an infinity of things surpass it.” 

This book encourages, insists upon cultivation of the connections our limbic brains demand.   We are advised to listen to our heart, and to the hearts of our children, all children.   We are neural organisms.  Resonate there, in the beat of the heart, one heart, all hearts.  Live there, and let reason lend a hand. 

Art and science are “metaphors through which we strive to know the world and ourselves;  both can illuminate inner and outer landscapes with a flash that inspires but whose impermanence necessitates unending rediscovery.  Carl Sandburg once wrote that poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess about what was seen during a moment.  The most we can reasonably ask is that science open a door of its own from time to time, and allow us to spy for a fraction of a second the bounteous secrets inside.”


I sit with all this today, as I feel a bit stunned by my fulcrum right now of the medical world.   I sit on the fulcrum, radiated by a machine that moves me and turns around me, and I try and find my center and feel my petals expand.  I struggle in my own balance of science and technology, and the livingness I feel, the wiggle of the eel, brought from water to sand.  


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