Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I am having a zippity-do-dah day. I had another 8:30 radiation appointment so left early, before the traffic, and snuck in another little walk, before the rain again poured down. I was ready at 8:20 for my appointment and they called me right in. I like early. I was the only one there, and the robes were still warm. Yum!! I had an easy time today. Everyone knows me now and touches me. I feel the difference. We work well together, and Francine, my doctor, was thrilled with the pictures and how well the machine and I are working together. She says I look great, and am doing great. She is thrilled with my hair and says in two months I won't have to wear a hat and will be "tres chic." Steve says I am tres chic now. I say he is looking through eyes of love, and I accept what he says. : )

Francine, my doctor today, spoke of how debilitating chemo is, and how I will feel better each day, and I do. I am supposed to sleep nine hours, eat protein, rub my breast with lanolin, and exercise, and all will continue well. That seems doable, so I am happy to be home and tucked in and I will soon head out for a walk in the greens. It was pouring when I drove home, and I loved listening to it on the roof of the car, and I drove out to Tennessee Valley and sat in the car and looked at the green hills. I remembered when Chris drove me out there after the operation. I couldn't even get out of the car. I feel the difference now. Vanessa informs me that anesthesia stays in the body for six months, so I feel how I am just now emptying out from that, and I am learning to trust the health of my scar. April 12th will be six months since the operation. Time really has rolled along. Each day radiation will be easier. I am not even going to count anymore. One day will be the last one.

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