Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

This morning I receive these words from a good friend.

"It's funny, but when I start to write something that's a complaint, I censor myself because I think about what it would be like to hear a complaint if I were going through chemo.  This whole notion of perspective is powerful."

It is interesting to me because I now well understand what Marion Rosen meant when she spoke of suffering.  For one person, to not get a peanut butter sandwich at the right time when they were a child might be stored as tragically as what we consider more severe abuse.  We do not know how or why another suffers.  There is no place for judgment around it, or perhaps, no place for judgment at all.  

And yet, this whole thing has me so aware of all the suffering around me.  I, too, am putting it all in perspective, noticing the people who are so much worst off than I.  They surround me.  I see them every day.   My path is relatively easy.  I have every bit of support it is possible to have.   What I am getting is a chance to see how quickly life changes.  There is so much shifting going on in me, and I have time to not only feel it, but also to work with imagery to sometimes shift it.  Each of you has problems equal to mine, suffering, if that is how it is perceived, equal to mine.  We are all in this together, and, now,  how do we meet it, now and now and now.  

Sometimes I think your suffering in this is worst than mine, as I am in it, forced to presence, and I don't have much time or energy to think about it, to dwell,  or perhaps, I am dwelling, but only in the moment.  It is not to say that I don't have my dream list of where we will go the minute I am cleared to get on a plane, hopefully sometime this summer.  My list of what I will do when I am able is intense, and, in this moment, all is well with me.  Anyway, I feel your suffering, and I honor it, as more than equal to my own, and I see that sometimes, in the honoring, is the shift.

Today, I am going to do many things which have needed doing for quite awhile.  I am going through the stacks of stuff that have accumulated, and I am going to make a place for hats, and put away combs, brushes, hair dryer, curlers.  I even have a curling iron which I have not used in years, and yet, there it sits taking up space.  This is such a clear noticing.  Why is it taking up space in my closet when I haven't used it for years, and now, have no intention to ever use it again?   I like my hair short.  I don't even need a comb. I am like a seal in the shower.  Everything falls into place.

 The same goes for all the other accumulations of "stuff"  I have here,  the clogging splogs of energy.  It is ridiculous, and today, I am sending stuff to Good Will.   It is time to cleanse.

Great love to all of you, the oneness that we are,

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