Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Afternoon -

Today I attended a "Look Good ... Feel Better" workshop through the American Cancer Society. A lovely group of women gathered together to learn about chemo, radiation, wigs, scarves, turbans and hats. They gave each of us $300.00 worth of free make-up so it was quite the deal and very informative. I was the model, so got instant feedback on what works on me. It seems I am more a turban, scarf, hat person than a wig person, which is good to know because I don't enjoy wigs. They have a whole room full of free wigs at the American Cancer Society, so I had a chance to try on a bunch. They also have little fringe wigs that you can velcro to hats. It was really fun.

Radiation went easily for me today, though the place was in a mess. Both machines broke down today, and so everything was behind schedule. The one I don't use was waiting for a physicist to come and re-calibrate it, so many people were going to be there for hours. It meant there was a whole group of us to sit and talk. I learned that the machine I am using does get a wee bit of my heart, but not all of my heart like the ones of the past, and most places. One woman comes up from Palm Springs for this machine because this is one of the few places that has them. She is staying with her sister for the seven weeks of radiation. Also, she said these are the best doctors around in the breast cancer field. It seems they are renowned. That is good to know. None of us who live here knew that. We just take it all for granted. It is good to have "foreigners" to tell us how good it is where we are.

The door to the meditation garden was open today, and a lovely breeze wafted in. Someone had placed a bunch of azalea plants in the garden so it was blooming in light pink, rose pink, and white, and there was a perky green parrot in the garden too. It was quite the day, and there is even more to it. The sun is shining through the trees, and there are some fluffy, white clouds. Tomorrow I have three appointments in the same place, though at widely different times, 8:30, 12:30, and 3:00. It will be fun to fill in the day.

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