Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A full day!!

I am happy to learn that scientists have found the missing link from sea to land animals. That is exciting news.

Radiation went well, as did my bone scan. I now have only 28 more radiations to go, though I am not counting. Part of me wants to just let them happen as they do, and another part knows it is probably important to know how many there are to go. Today, I felt this one a little bit, so I'm not sure what that is about. Perhaps, I am getting more sensitive, or I am paying more attention. The music today was Benny Goodman, and again, it was hard not to tap my toes.

I saw a young, friendly swan today, and now, I see a vulture circling in the sky. I watched a man, a coach, attempting to teach some very young children how to hit a baseball off a T. They swung the bat, but nowhere near the ball. How funny it is to see such young children forced into a team sport. They clearly didn't have a clue. Imagine if they could just run and play. There was a herd of mothers watching carefully their sons and one daughter who was a head taller than any of the boys.

I bought some summer turbans and earrings today, so feel quite spiffy, and ready now to tuck in with the new New Yorker, and a wonderful book on Matisse by Hillary Spurling. The book makes clear the high cost of producing art in the way that Matisse did, and, of course, he had no choice, and we are the benefactors of his passionate search and uncovering of color, mood, and light.

A friend of mine teaches kindergarten. A father came in and played this song and sang these words. It is a lullaby. May we all savor our dreams tonight. I know I will sleep well. I am quite tired.

Seven, you're nodding your head
Six, you're wiping your eyes
Five, a stretch and a yawn
Four, a great big sigh
Three, you're brushing your teeth (ch, ch, ch)
Two, a kiss in the hall
One, you're dreaming away
Counting to nothing at all
Dream, dreaming away
Stars shine in the sky
Moon plays peek-a-boo games
Clouds go rolling by

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