Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I am up, and was up late, reading this book on Matisse. I could not stop reading. I was caught up in his exhilaration of painting, of creating. What a life he lived, and what a family he created. His daughter Marquerite is amazing. She suffered from physical problems, and then, worked for the Resistance during WWII and was brutally tortured, and emerged from the experience even more glowing. She felt her father taught her how to survive. She said that the horrors she had gone through "had fallen from her as if she had stepped out of a coat she refused to wear." She wrote her father. "I always wanted to master my body, and the sufferings it imposed on me...." "You have to show yourself in face of everything, and against everything, tough enough to stay upright." Matisse's theme was the plumb line. It seems he and his daughter stand upright. His pursuit of art was spiritual. He was disciplined and like a monk in his work. It is an inspiring story for how we each live our life.

I am off to radiation. I note my breast is turning pink. It is looking a bit sunburned, and so, it is, a bit burned by a man-made sun.

The horse experience will happen rain or shine. I met an "older" woman who has been through it. Tears came to her eyes, and she said she couldn't really talk about it, but it is an amazingly spiritual experience. I am very excited, and now, a hop into the shower, and off, once again, to radiation and Anna and her various helpers, and the computers and the machine. It seems the physicist is always there to care for the machines. He loves them, and I am getting more comfortable with mine, and I am sure one day I will come to view it as a friend. Maybe I will bring it some oil or something machines love, when it is my final visit. WD-40, perhaps. I'm not sure what a machine would like, other than a rest. Because of breakdowns, both machines worked quite late the night before. Ah, the sky is tinging pink. It looks like a lovely day, though I hear the prediction is rain. The "horse whisperer" has planned a way that we can work under cover. I'm glad he didn't cancel. I spoke with a Little League mother yesterday. They haven't even been able to have opening day, yet, because of the continuing rain.

May this day open for you, like a beautiful parasol, rain or shine.

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