Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Wings -

You may wonder at my thoughts on machinery, but my cars usually like to have a name. They name themselves. I currently have "Wing" and I love Wing very much.

In the shower today, I was thinking about Wing and wings, and I remembered my hang gliding experiences. The first time I was hooked up to a hang glider I flew, because I had no thought process on it at all. I had been looking out at the ocean when the instructions were given, and had no thought of flying, and therefore had no idea on how to land. I flew up in the air, and then, didn't know what to do. Shouted instructions brought me down face first with a mouth full of sand. After that, I thought about it, and felt great fear, and couldn't take off very well, and I crashed time after time,  often again, face-first and with a mouthful of sand, and I realized I wasn't having much fun, so I stopped and became the driver for Steve and our friend Steve. That was fun for me. I was outside, and I loved whizzling downhill to pick them back up. They were fun times, like now.

Jim said yesterday that we should keep a journal and write after our visit with our mentors, the humans and the horses.

He said when we write from the heart it is a free-flow. We just keep going. That is how we know. When we write from the head, we stop and analyze. I write to you from the heart. This is my free-flow. May we continue to meet there.

In the book on Matisse by Hilary Spurling there is a wonderful photo of The Archangel Michael, c. 1457: an icon of the Novgorod school from the Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow.   Matisse was greatly affected by the Russian icons, and I feel this photo in my bones.  The wings are attached in just such a way that I can imagine myself having wings growing just like that.  It is something to feel.  There is a part like a spring where they attach, like the way a Jack-in-the-box pops out and up.  At least that is my interpretation of the photo, and of how I want my wings to be.  I can tuck them in, or pop them out, and they have that extra spring.  It is quite fun.  Play with your wings today.  Design your own.  I believe we can have as many sets as we want, all colors and sizes and designs.

Yesterday, the mentors gave us their gloves so we would not be cold.  Life is like that.

I remember one time I walked down from Pantoll to the ocean, and it was such a beautifully warm day I just walked right into the ocean.  I came out dripping wet in my shorts and shirt, and a little boy ran up to me and gave me a towel to dry off.  Again, life is like that.  Joy to you All!

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