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Prayer -

A study came out this week that therapeutic prayer doesn't work, and yet, other studies have proven that it does work. Why the discrepancy? Because this group didn't believe prayer worked, and so, it didn't. The beliefs of those who set up the study influence the results and that is why we have so many conflicting studies. We see what we expect to see. The scientists who set it up probably let a tone come through their instructions that it wouldn't work, and so it didn't. All of this is too fragile to study, and that is where it boils down to belief. I feel prayer has been proven to work in my life. I thank you for that. I saw and felt the results. My red and white blood cells thank you. My reach for peace does too.

I also see that how the doctors convey information to me influences my response. We live in the world of the Uncertainty Principle. Our interpretation is key.

I google and am amazed to see all the articles challenging the results of this study. Wow! I smile. It is quite a defense of faith. Check it out.

I finish Alice Hoffman's book The Ice Queen, and I am touched. It is about love, a subject I adore, and it gives a good argument that magic is real. It is a book of fiction, and in it a man presents a scientific paper, "Chaos Theory and Fairy Tales." I quote:

"At the heart of his paper was the notion that fairy tales relieved us of our need for order and allowed us impossible, irrational desires. Magic was real, that was his thesis. This thesis was at the very center of chaos theory - if the tiniest of actions reverberated throughout the universe in invisible and unexpected ways, changing the weather and the climate, then anything was possible. The girl who sleeps for a hundred years does so because of a single choice to thread a needle. The golden ball that falls down the well rattles the world, changing everything. The bird that drops a feather, the butterfly that moves its wings, all of it drifts across the universe, through the woods, to the other side of the mountain. The dust that you breathe in was once breathed out. The person you are, the weather around you, all of it a spell you can't understand or explain."

So, savor the carousel of this magical world each moment, each day.

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