Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

My little bird friend is singing away this morning. I read somewhere that bird song opens the leaves in spring, and I believe it as this little guy sings. I feel myself opening up and out, wanting to see where he is and to provide lunch, a nest, a perch. One year a Scrub Jay came into my home and took tiny, shiny Easter eggs from a little basket sitting on the wall system. He left watermelon seeds in return. It seemed like a fair exchange.

I feel so much better today. Something released yesterday. I was carrying a heaviness of expectation,and I let that go, and slept well and long last night, and now, I feel sort of a grounded chipper. I suppose I am a quail today. What bird are you right now? Ah, now a bit of the hawk rolls in.

Mandu is very clear that he is a predator, and a horse is a prey animal, and therefore, he is superior, but we do need both. Quail feed protein to their young, and then, they are vegetarians as adults. I think today, I am both, predator and prey, vegetarian and meat-eater. I honor all my sides.

It is gray and drizzly today, and there is increasing light. I feel quite springy. Exuberance and joy are popping all about like bunnies, and certainly the fields are filled with eggs. Happy coloring of your day!!

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