Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Afternoon -

The day is breaking us easily to light. The sky is the most beautiful array of grays, mixed in with soft blues and whites, but not too much, as that might shock, and it is not raining, and is actually somewhat warm. I was sweating in my wool cap, and have now exposed my fuzzy, furry, fluffy head to a wee bit of sun. What a treat! And I have hung clothes out to dry, which is what I used to do, but, then, and now again it is quite the treat. I love how fresh clothes smell when dried outside.

I have been reading the words of Gertrud Falke Heller. She taught the work of Elsa Gindler, and she loved working therapeutically with groups of disturbed people. I am struck by how she used the same exercises for the manic and the depressed. For a person in a depressive state, the repetition to music of a simple rhythmic movement can be a stimulant in overcoming inertia. For a person in a manic phase, the dynamic rhythm of movement with music can give an organized control over uncontrolled impulses. The movement and music work to bring a person back to balance.

Balancing feels really important to me right now as I work to balance my increasing energy with what I still seem to struggle to do. I need a new awareness, a barometer in the moment of what is possible for me. Today, I found myself driving with music of the early 60's blaring away. It was fun. Many days of the past I have turned the radio off, unable to absorb any more stimulation. So, the question to ask ourselves throughout our day is, "What do I experience?" "What am I experiencing now," and "What do I need?" Can we ask, and, then, give it to ourselves. I hope so.

In this moment, I am experiencing contentment. I see the sun out, and I am grateful the hills have a chance to dry. I am hoping there will be no more mudslides, and that the wildflowers have a chance to lift their heads to light.

I smelled the Pittosporum last night. Usually that smell arouses in February, but this year, it is April. The schedule works for me.

Be care.

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