Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The day is lovely. Last night I sat outside and watched the full moon rise, and enjoyed the warmth of an evening. It truly feels like spring. I noticed last night that my eyelashes are starting to grow back. What a wondrous experience is that. I am delighted. I am feeling warm and cozy inside. I am happy to be alive and well, and I am  feeling well.   Each day I feel more energy and strength. 

A woman I have not met is going to start reading the blog to help her through her chemo journey. She is afraid of Taxol. I will have to go back and look at what I wrote at the time, but from this end of the tunnel, all is fairy dust and light. I feel well and grateful for wonderful care, and life. The attention in the radiation department is amazing. I have been transferred from one pocket of love to another.  I hope this blog offers support for what this journey has been for me, and can be for another. 

My radiation appointment is now fixed at 8:30 each day, so I can begin to plan my life a bit, and celebrate.  It is not my chosen time, but I am realizing that having a set time allows a planning that is important to me.  Before I wanted spontaneity, and I still somewhat do, and I am wanting more of a schedule now, more planning in my life.  Perhaps, I am grateful to know I can have a schedule, that I can put things into the slots of my day, and fulfill.  

I finished reading Julia Child's Memoir last night. I am inspired.  What a woman, and what a Life!

Today is Good Friday.  Lincoln was shot on Good Friday, April 14, 1865, and many  compared him to Jesus. His death was considered a sacrifice.

Julia Child has a great deal  to say about the McCarthy Era. This country has been through frightening times before. I was surprised to read that McCarthy was backed by Texas oil men. It seems their level of control has not changed.  Perhaps without that control, we would have a public transportation system in this country that works.  Imagine mag-lev trains squirreling us quickly along branches, and trunks of this country.  That might have opened up communication between people that each of us in our own metal box,  blocks.   Perhaps there would be less red and blue dividing  the states, and more a purple haze.   (Interesting that the word purple seems to want to be followed by haze.  Jimi Hendrix is still a strong influence with his song, Purple Haze..)

The headline of the NY Times was cheery  today. "More Retired Generals Call for Rumsfield's Resignation." It works for me.

Good Friday always feels like a special day to me. No matter what our beliefs, I think there is something about dying and resurrection that is important to honor. It feels especially precious to me this year. Today, I honor the need to go within, and the pull that draws me out.

My good friend Anna who guides me through the breathing for radiation is on vacation today and for the next week. She hugged me yesterday knowing how important her guidance has been to me. I'll work with someone new today, and that is okay. I'm glad Anna has a break. She will be home with her dogs. Today is horse day, so I am very excited about that, too.

May this day flower and wiggle all around you.  I am seeing some incredible, colorfully ribboned worms.  The rain is giving gifts, and maybe today, it will give us a break,  so we can more fully appreciate them.  Joy to you, and happy soon to be Chick , Bunny, and Resurrection  Day.   May your eggs crack easily in fulfilling the resurrection of Joy, and may all those who have died in the name of peace see their dreams fulfill one day.  

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