Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

checking in -

Radiation and the doctor visit are finished for the day. I saw this morning why they tend to run late. My doctor got there at 8:45, so there was a line-up of patients when she got there. I was done by 9:45 though and grateful for that. She said how good I look and commented on the difference in my speech patterns. She said when she met me, it was clearly an effort to speak. I did not have the energy for words. Now, I do!! Yay!! She also commented on my color. Each time, it seems, I am a little more colorful. I am grateful to have color. She also liked the blue of my new hat.

I saw a wonderful bird this morning in the oak tree. Again, I don't know what she was, but she was beautiful, and I am thrilled to have her here. I wondered if she is pregnant. She looked quite plump. Also, we heard a woodpecker this morning.

So, some upsetting news. My beloved sister-in-law had a mammogram that shows a dense mass. They will do more tests as they did with me, and I am sure her results will not be mine, and it is so hard, and it is so hard to wait. Her next test is next Tuesday so that is a long time to wait for the good news that I am sure will come. Anyway, that is throwing me off a bit today, though also, again, re-inforcing this moment, this moment, this.

Katy got six baby chicks for Easter, so in four months they will have fresh eggs there in Newtown. I look forward to that.

Take care, everyone, and breathe in the joy of this moment, and the next. I learned this morning I am a deep breather. I breathe in fully, and I savor my exhales too. I have a new person guiding me, and she really honors my need for a full exhalation, and a wait for the next breath. I love to breathe. Savor fully today. Take nothing for granted. Even granite is made of many stones.

Also, prayers please for my beloved brother Gary, my treasured sister-in-law Jan, and my stupendous niece Katy. Thank you!!

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