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This morning, Francine, my radiation oncologist, informs the young woman who is there today to learn, that I spend 15 minutes applying lanolin to my breast, and that is why I am doing so well as to no problems, though my skin is extremely fair. I laugh. No, not 15 minutes. My whole morning routine is about 8 minutes. I brush my teeth with my sonicare toothbrush, hop in the shower, hop out, dry off, and dab the lanolin in circles, then, rub it in, powder myself, and toss on my clothes, including a weather appropriate hat. Out the door I go. Pretty funny, I thought. I cannot imagine spending 15 minutes applying lanolin to one breast. I do keep the lanolin by the heater vent to soften it, so maybe that is why I can whipple through my morning routine so quickly. Quickness in the morning is one advantage to no hair. Efficiency Ho, I say!

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