Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Medical Studies -

I think marijuana should be legal and taxed.

That said, I see, today, that the F.D.A. dismisses a medical benefit from marijuana. My personal experience supports that. Right before I started chemo, I heard Melissa Etheridge saying she could not have made it through chemo without marijuana. I got prepared for the onslaught of misery she predicted. I started chemo on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and nausea began. I did not want to ruin Thanksgiving since we planned to go out to a beautiful restaurant, so I used marijuana Thanksgiving morning through a vaporizer. There was no affect on the nausea for me. I sat facing the restroom in the restaurant ready to bolt. I, like many people, rarely vomited with chemo, but I certainly felt ready to a good deal of the time. I did not take the legal pills the medical community prescribed because I didn't like the side effects.

Anyway, I bring this up because it seems there are studies proving both sides. I think the placebo effect is proven, and that scientists often see what they want to see. In my case, I didn't like the idea of using anything. Perhaps that is why it didn't work for me, or maybe it doesn't work, or it only works for certain people. Who knows? We are all different. We are unique. Let's toss that in the mix.

A woman, who waits with me in the morning for radiation, tests drugs used for AIDS. She thinks the testing is key. She agrees with the F.D.A. on this. I see how complex it is. I asked her what she thought of Arimidex. If she were me with what I have have/had, she absolutely would take it. Her case is different. She didn't have chemo, and she thinks Tamoxifin, which is what would be prescribed for her condition, is not worth the risks, so she is not taking it.

Certainly if marijuana helps people, it seems they should have it. If it were legal like liquor, it would be much easier for us all. That's where my vote is on this one, on what I see as common sense.

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