Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

William Stafford -

William Stafford was a conscientious objecter during World War II.

He says this, years later.

"I've had trouble with people in political discussions about pacifism, and so on. I remember once taking a stand: well, I can't stop war. Jesus couldn't stop war. Eisenhower couldn't stop war. Why should I blame myself for not stopping war? What I can do is, to do the things that are within my power. I can decide there's one person who won't be in it. That's a possibility. But I can't stop it, and someone who was there kept saying, "Well that answer's not good enough for me." You know, he had this John Wayne reaction: "I'm going to stop it." That leads you to terrorist acts that don't really do any good, but they relieve your conscience. I don't want to relieve my conscience; I want to do good."

On another note, in the last two days many women have said to me how they even lost their nose hairs with chemo. I must admit I never noticed that, but I am noticing my hair coming back, though not yet nose hairs. I have a lovely soft fluff on my head, and it is growing every day. I am figuring I am a couple of weeks away from no hat. Yay!!

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