Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning Rain!

I wake this morning, and feel almost normal. Wow!! Only that odd achiness in my head that feels like a boat rubbling against a dock without its bumpers out still pounds that upper left side, but there is no nausea. Yay!!

I receive a group email from Elaine who had brain surgery on November 8th.

She includes these words which I share with you.

"But as I have said before, we are all going to die, and it would be great to live with open hearts without having to have a life-threatening illness. It would be great to ask for what you need without having a brain tumor! It would be great to receive love with gratitude and an open heart, instead of saying "no thanks, I can do it myself.""

I ponder these words. Why do we try so hard to do it ourselves? I remember when my son Jeff was two and he would proclaim over and over again, "Do it by unself." I was told it was good he was asserting his own independence from me, and I accepted it as so. Teenagers do it too. Otherwise, we might never let them go.

So, how to balance this need to individuate with this circle of giving and receiving. Oh, maybe it is easy. We just hold hands in a ring and feel ourselves glow.

Glowing is with me this morning. Elaine sent pictures. Despite having the back of her head opened and closed, she is glowing, absolutely glowing. It is amazing. She knows how to hold hands in a circle that flows, as do we all.

Feel that flow today, that glow activating us all. Radiate out, for we are the suns today in this wonderful day of Bay area rain. How cleansed I feel as I glisten in the sound of fall.

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