Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

more thoughts on "ordinariness"

Driving up to radiation, I think about Angeles Arrien and her discussion of the four addictions in American society, especially the addiction to drama.

Driving home, I notice the wisteria blooming on the fence next to the freeway. I will have to stop one day soon and inhale.

Angeles Arrien says this: "I think that we are highly conditioned in the American culture to the four addictions: intensity, perfection, the need to know, and to being fixated on what is not working rather than what is working. Intensity is the passion in the heart which has not been claimed. It goes into creating dramas rather than staying with the emotional nature. Rather than dramatize things, feel them. Perfection doesn't tolerate mistakes but excellence incorporates them and goes to another level of excellence. The need to know is based in control rather than trusting in wisdom. Instead of fixating on what is not working we need to be stratigizing how to trust wisdom. The mark of a visionary is being able to see both what is working and what is not working. This is the gift of vision: seeing the whole, all of the details and seeking creative solutions."

My sense of this is that we are in a constant balancing of our curiosity which led to evolution, the need to explore that brought us out of the trees, the complex of the brain which expands and sparks as we explore and navigate new mazes, and the need to sit and be the sun as it seems to rise and set, as we turn.

Yes, we need stimulation. I think it is important to feel stimulation and workings within, as well as without.

I sit now, quiet my mind, and feel myself form like a cake. The eggs and butter cream within. Flour, mixed with baking soda and powder, slides into the mix. Liquid slurps and holds it all together. I rise in the oven of my own appreciation, and ice my own cake, even as I sit with other cakes, and nudge and mix our fudgy, fluffy ripples of frosting and crumbs. We exchange textures, dense, smooth, light.

Have a lovely day, being a cake, and honoring the ordinariness of your day, even as you realize fireworks are bouncing and spraying all about. I know we have to weed to not be overwhelmed by it all, and, so, do that, too. Choose the excitement that is you, and pinwheel yourself all about, like the stars moving the sky. Observe. Respond. Fire your neurons, and catch the spark and draw with your eyes your deepest desires. Hearth in and out.

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