Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Before meditating, or in lieu of, to consider -

From Meditations and Rituals for Conscious Living by Nancy J. Napier and Carolyn Tricomi.

                Stillness is the ground of being from which all else emerges.  It is within and behind every breath, every thought, every action.  It is my starting point, my resting place, the home base to which I can return again and again.

                In stillness I notice how time and space disappear.  All there is is the present moment and my willingness to listen …to allow the stillness to speak.

                The stillness takes me into a realm of conscious awareness that transcends my identity as body or mind. Stillness offers an experience of being and a recognition that my being …. my essence …. is a part of all Being, all Essence.



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