Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Gas prices -

Chevron's first quarter profits soared 49 percent. I love listening to the solemn voices proclaiming there is no rape involved in this. They are busily putting the profits into research and development, and, of course, their shareholders get a little piece too, but the oil companies are, in actuality, barely scraping by. I try not to feel riled, to continue to breathe in and out, and to thank the dinosaurs for giving us so much so that some people can celebrate so jubilantly while others wonder how to get to work.

I love the Republican idea that we give each American taxpayer $100.00 to cover the rising gas costs. Imagine the administrative costs of that. Oh, probably about $100.00. Who elected these looney-tunes? Not me. There is a bracelet you can get that says you didn't vote for Bush. Maybe we all need one of those.

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