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Pruning -

I read that upwards to 350,000 marched in Manhattan yesterday to protest the war in Iraq. 350,000 people!! Do you think Bush will still ignore the people, he who is the "decider," the decider of doom, until we push him aside and announce we want to live, and bloom?

I played with my plants today, pruned, watered, and fertilized, and I noticed how I've changed. I really pruned. I used to be gingerly, a little cut here, a little cut there. Not now. I am like Rambo. Be gone, straggly branch. Be gone. I pruned to the point of a person who has been through chemo and felt her guts burned out, to return. I love the return, the little green sprouts, the energy fueling within, return. I am here, returned. My root stock is strong. I feel the waving of the green, like a flag. I surrendered. The flag was white. Now, it is green.

Great love to you all, and let's prune. Let's prune Bush and see him fall like a branch that is weak with a little tassel of a flower floating on the end but not enough to support true growth. Be gone Bush!! Let trees and flowers reign. We don't need a straggly, pitiful little Bush.

Perhaps I should explain. Steve and I split a bottle of wine at lunch. He returned from NY yesterday and goes back tomorrow. If I weren't in radiation, I could have met him there for the weekend and a bit more. And the day is beautiful and my hat and sun-proof clothing are on, and tomorrow is the first day of May and I love May Day. I love that as a child we would make paper baskets and fill them and hang them on the door-knobs of our neighbors. It was the greatest fun. I still see the table where we did that, a lovely bay window in our home in Des Moines. They were lovely times, lovely times, and lovely times are here now, also, and I wish Steve traveled just a wee bit less, and he is thrilled with the jobs. It seem the World Trade Center will be re-built and we probably all have different feelings on that, and can those feelings resolve in the formation of people coming together to build and say we are still here while honoring fully the deaths of those who may or may not have been prepared. I think now of the book The Bridge of San Luis Rey. I read it periodically to remind myself that yes, these people probably were prepared, were ready to be received. I pray their families understand. May we all understand as we continue to grieve, and also move on.

I have discussed this with many people. Do these phallic buildings need to be re-built? How do we honor those who are still there in the soil, in the dirt? Well, Steve has been involved in the process, and I think that full honoring is there. May we all unite to understand.

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