Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

today -

Today, I walked into the waiting room for radiation and a woman was standing there playing the harp. I changed into my robe, and the other man listening was called in, so I enjoyed my private concert as I looked out at the garden. Tears came, and I don't even know why, but there was something about the plucking of the harp strings that must have plucked my heart-strings. It was special, and the puzzle I chose, the Mermaid one, was finished today. It was a record long time, and all were thrilled it was done. The puzzle's picture was taken.

When I lay down on the table, all was level for radiation. They said I should buy a lottery ticket, and I considered it, but instead, I decided to try getting my blood taken on a Monday morning. Big mistake. I waited an hour and a half. The good news is that I drank so much water while waiting that it was my quickest jabbing and drawing yet. It may also be my last. I am 2/3 done with radiation today. Yay!

I am pretty blistered now, and higher up than I expected to be. I was not rubbing the lanolin high enough, as I did not understand that there are lymph nodes up under the collar bone, so they are radiating me up to there. It will be a year before I can let the sun touch this whole area, so that is a long time to wait, and I will. Still, it is hard for me to stay out of the sun. I've always loved the feel of it on my skin.

Jeff came by for lunch, and showed me the video of Stephen Colbert roasting Bush at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. I must say it was a bit much even for me. You can check it out for yourself on-line at YouTube.com and see what you think. Bush was not impressed.

Jeff was slowed down getting here by the people protesting on immigration. I think it is great that so many took off work and school today to show the contribution they make. May it be worthwhile for them, and not dismissed as so many protests are.

The day is exquisite, a perfect May Day!! I hope you have hold of a ribbon and are swinging around a pole.

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