Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I downloaded my email messages this morning and then, my mouse died, so I cannot read them or reply, but I know they are there, waiting for me. I am now settled in at Starbucks for a quick blog up-date.

My radiation appointment was long today, 40 minutes with my arm over my head, because, I am now prepared for my booster. They wrote all over me, and took pictures, and made a template. I have four more of the all over, and then, drum roll please, six boosters, which are much, much easier. The booster is focused in one spot, the scar, rather than all over, which is now a bit sore and blistered. If you have ever been sunburned where the radiation goes, well, then, it is very sensitive, and so, I am a bit uncomfortable, but, not too much. I am on schedule with four full ones left, and then, six boosters, which Francine says are really nothing, so Francine and I are considering me essentially done, though my official celebration date is May 16th.

I spoke to Francine today about having nothing to suggest as to improvement. She told me how the Wellness Garden came to be. All the plants are medicinal, and the whole building and everything in it are here because of philanthropy. This group was the first one to figure out that working with the breathing protected the heart. They didn't get credit because the whole thing is an advertising game. When I asked why they weren't represented in The New Medicine when they are so great and up-to-date, she said it is because they don't hire a publicist like Duke University and Scripps.

So, in my book, the Marin Cancer Institute rocks and is the absolute best. I highly recommend them, though I hope you don't need them.

I was reading today that deaths from breast cancer are down, thanks to what I have just experienced. It is certainly worth it. I am an extremely grateful woman today and everyday. Perhaps, it is sinking in that I have gained some time here. I am thankful for that.

Oh, something else amazing. When I woke up this morning, my hair was swirled like sand dunes. There is enough to swirl, and when I take my hat off it is in the loveliest patterns. It is fun to have something on your head to swirl and pattern, even though it is doing the choosing, not me, and, maybe that is how it is meant to be.

It is harder to do a blog with the sweeper and the coffee machine going, and it is all wonderfully okay.

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