Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Countdown -

Today is Number Ten. A kindergarten teacher pointed out I now have fingers to count them down. That is so much fun. I'm holding all ten fingers up and tomorrow there will be nine. Yay!

Yesterday, at times, Live Journal was not available, so, it was a chance for a break, and a look at expectations. Today, it is here, as am I. We are back from our break, Live Journal and I.

In cleaning out my closets yesterday, I realized that from now on I am only going to wear what I really like. I used to save things for a special occasion, but every moment is special. I was a nature guide with Mrs. Terwilliger who loved to run around the marsh, sand, and fields, shouting "Something special!" Life is like that, special all the time.

I woke this morning with Mandu resting on me, which is always a good excuse to stay in bed just a little bit longer. I thought about weight. When I studied Sensory Awareness with Charlotte Selver we would pick up rocks and pass them to others, rocks of all shapes and sizes. This morning I begin to understood the importance of that, of using only the energy needed for each task, no more, and no less. She would ask, "Are you all there for it?" I think this experience has given me a better understanding of being all there for something, and also using the amount of energy needed, not too much and not too little, just right. Again, I am like Goldilocks, except without the curls, though they are on their way.

An editorial in the NY Times yesterday pointed out that the $100.00 rebates that the Republicans proposed to ease the price of gas would have to come from borrowed money. To make the rebates happen, 10 billion would have to be borrowed, and it would probably be borrowed from the Chinese. How can this lunacy continue? I do not understand.

Meanwhile despite the debt this country is in thanks to Bush, Congress is “angling this week to cut taxes for affluent investors by more than $20 billion.” It makes no sense, or dollars either, except for a few, and they don’t bother with cents, and still, despite all of this, I am in a lovely mood.

Celebrate a wonderful day. The occasion is special, as are you!

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