Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning and Afternoon!!

It is a most wonderful day.

I have enough eyelashes that I applied mascara this morning. This is exciting!

Then, I went to radiation and again, set-up was pretty easy. They had country western music on today, and so I lay there, doing my breathing and listening to "She thinks my tractor is sexy." Well, we all learned something new. I relaxed so much listening to that song that they had to completely re-adjust me for the second part. My body just sank right down into the table. It is fascinating because there has been a different CD on everytime I go. Yesterday was Enya. My first time was Chopin, but today was the first time of country. I see now why parts of this country are sunk a bit low in the saddle. Listen to that music and let go. I could really feel it once it was pointed out. Of course, a song about a tractor being sexy and the guy on it, also being sexy, well, you, too, would sink right into the table and let go.

I changed back into my clothes and walked out and the woman, Barbara Rose, was again there with the harp. I told her what it meant to me to listen on Monday, about the sadness that came up, just sadness, no story. She said she was playing an old Hebrew song. Today, she was just plucking what felt right to her. I have never come out of the dressing room and stayed but there is a young man who comes and does that. He works on the puzzle. I sat and listened and talked to her. It seems they are starting a program to have people play the harp for those in the hospital. She went back to Philadelphia to learn, but they will teach people here, and you volunteer to play in the ICU or when people are recovering from surgery or in the radiation waiting room. I suggested she play in the chemo room. I told her about the view of Mt. Tam.

She played one place where the chemo patients sit in a circle looking out, each looking at their own section of garden. That sounds lovely too.

She said how wonderful it feels to her, to play the harp. You hold it next to your chest. It is called a Therapy Harp, and if you are going to use it to help others, you get a discount. I asked how much a harp like that costs. $2000.00. This week my brother sent me a check for $2176.94 from a savings account we overlooked when my mother died. What would you do with it? I have been trying to figure out how to use that money to honor her. The last check lit our garden. Perhaps, I will buy a harp with this one. They are hand-made, and take five to six months to make once you order. I am going to check out the web-site right now. It is Westover Harps.

I have wanted a Cecil Brunner rose since Wendy and I stayed in a place with one in Elk, CA. Well, today, I found one. It was like a puppy reaching out to me and asking to be taken home. The fog is in, and there isn't much sun, but Elk is hardly a sunny part of the world, so I am hopeful that beautiful, pink roses are soon to scent my life.

The world is rich and beautifully balanced. I am in delight.

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