Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Awareness -

John Berger wrote this on Vincent Van Gogh:

    (For him)

    The chair is a chair, not a throne.

       The boots have been worn by walking.

    The sunflowers are plants, not constellations.

    The postman delivers letters.  The irises will die.

       And from this nakedness of his,

    which his contemporaries saw as naivety or

       madness, came his capacity to love, suddenly at

    any moment, what he saw in front of him.

       Picking up pen or brush, he then strove to

    achieve that love.  Lover-painter affirming the

    toughness of an everyday tenderness we all

    dream of in our better moments and instantly

               recognize when it is framed. 

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